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How to pay using Dragonpay (Over the Counter/Offline)

Dragonpay is a solution that allows you to pay through the following:

  • Major Banks - online and over the counter (bank deposit)
  • Cebuana Lhuillier
  • M Lhuillier
  • Bayad Center
  • Globe Gcash
  • SM
  • Robinsons
  • LBC
  • EC Pay


Follow these steps to pay using Dragonpay.

Step 1. Shop at and go through the usual check out process.


Step 2. Choose Dragonpay as your payment method.

Choose Dragonpay as payment method


Step 3. Select your preferred OTC Bank/ATM or other OTC's from the dropdown list and click the Continue button.  An email will be sent to you containing the specific bank deposit instructions (ex. account details).


Step 4. Enter your email address here. Dragonpay will send the deposit instructions to you via email so make sure the address provided is correct.  Click the Confirm button.


Step 5. After you click the Confirm button, you will be redirected back to the Vice Cosmetics website.  At this point, your payment is in PENDING status.  We will not fulfill your order until you have completed the payment cycle with Dragonpay.

Step 6. Check your email inbox. By this time, the deposit instruction sent in Step 5 should have been received already. If not, check your Spam or Junk folder to make sure it was not misrouted there.

This email contains the biller name, reference number, the deadline and the total amount due. 


Step 7. Go to any Bayad Center branch and tell the staff that you will be making a Bills Payment.  You will be given a Transaction Form Slip to fill-up (see sample below).

Make sure your Dragonpay reference no. is correctly entered in the Account Number field.  A wrong account number can cause your transaction to remain unvalidated.  Please provide a valid Contact Number where we can reach you in case there are problems with the validation.  The other fields (ex. Address, Statement Date) are not really necessary.


    Step 8. Go back to the email received in Step 6 and click on the link provided to confirm your transaction.  Fill-in the screen with the deposit slip receipt details and click the Confirm button.


    Step 9. Hand over your slip and cash (no checks please) to the cashier.

     Step 10.Wait for our confirmation email.  For now, we process Bayad Center payments morning of the next day.  In the near future, it will be processed in real-time.


    Important things to remember

    • After payment, please CONFIRM your payment to Dragonpay.  the confirmation link should be in Dragonpay's email.  If you do not confirm, Dragonpay and Vice Cosmetics will not receive payment.  Therefore, we cannot process your order.
    • Please pay before the stated payment expiry date given by Dragonpay.  If you pay AFTER the expiry date, please email us immediately so we may help you with this.
    • If the deadline for payment has passed but you still want to order, please cancel your order and make a new one.  You will be given new payment instructions by Dragonpay.

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